Sean Lahman's Baseball Database

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Documentation for package ‘Lahman’ version 2.0-1

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Lahman-package Sean Lahman's Baseball Database
AllstarFull AllstarFull table
Appearances Appearances table
AwardsManagers AwardsManagers table
AwardsPlayers AwardsPlayers table
AwardsShareManagers AwardsShareManagers table
AwardsSharePlayers AwardsSharePlayers table
Batting Batting table
battingLabels Variable Labels
BattingPost BattingPost table
battingStats Calculcate additional batting statistics
Fielding Fielding table
fieldingLabels Variable Labels
FieldingOF FieldingOF table
FieldingPost FieldingPost data
HallOfFame Hall of Fame Voting Data
Label Extract the Label for a Variable
Lahman Sean Lahman's Baseball Database
LahmanData Lahman Datasets
Managers Managers table
ManagersHalf ManagersHalf table
Master Master table
Pitching Pitching table
pitchingLabels Variable Labels
PitchingPost PitchingPost table
playerInfo Lookup Information for Players and Teams
Salaries Salaries table
Schools Schools table
SchoolsPlayers SchoolsPlayers table
SeriesPost SeriesPost table
teamInfo Lookup Information for Players and Teams
Teams Teams table - Yearly Stats and Standings
TeamsFranchises TeamFranchises table
TeamsHalf TeamsHalf table